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The end of the Euro, the end of Europe? The Current Crisis in the EU

Friday October 12

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Fri Oct 12 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM Vivian and David Campbell Conference Facility


Mark Blyth
Brown University

Peter Gourevitch
UC San Diego & Munk School for Global Affairs, University of Toronto

Peter A. Hall
Harvard University

Randall Hansen
Director, CERES

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Daria Dumbadze


Bringing together some of the most distinguished students of contemporary Europe, the panel will examine the historical background, the more immediate causes, and the possible solutions to the current crisis in Europe. Were the critics of the Euro right, or were the current difficulties faced by the Euro unforeseen and unforeseeable? Is austerity really the solution to southern Europe’s structural economic problems? And will it, as George Soros has suggested, lead to a dark age of austere German hegemony?