A TRIBUTE TO LAU KAR-LEUNG SCREENING / Eight Diagram Pole Fighter (1984)

Friday September 20

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Fri Sep 20 7:45 PM - 9:30 PM Innis Town Hall 2 Sussex Ave (at St. George, south of Bloor)

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Lori Lytle


Lau Kar Leung, Hong Kong filmmaker, actor, choreographer and martial artist, is one of the true pioneers of Hong Kong martial arts cinema, developing an idiosyncratic action style in the late seventies and early eighties that combined authentic traditional martial arts with an impeccable slapstick comic sensibility. In tribute to his passing, The Asian Institute and Cinema Studies Student Union (CINSSU) will honour the late “Grandmaster”of martial arts cinema with a panel discussion and screening of two of his classic films.

6:00 - 7:30 PM Panel
REGISTRATION FOR PANEL: http://www.munk.utoronto.ca/EventDetails.aspx?eventid=14616 (snackboxes will be provided to panel attendees)

7:45-9:30 PM Screening of Eight Diagram Pole Fighter (1984) directed by Chia-Liang Liu

9:45 - 11:30 PM Screening of Dirty Ho (1976) directed by Chia-Liang Liu [TBC]
REGISTRATION FOR FILM: http://www.munk.utoronto.ca/EventDetails.aspx?EventId=14662

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